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Healthier Hands. Picture of a male Caucasian hand squeezing a device to strengthen hands.

Healthier Hands

As people get older, it is possible to notice more pain or stiffness in the hands and wrist. This does not necessarily mean to stop doing things needing or enjoyable to do. Now, there are more options available to help ease joint pain, strengthen hands, and continue doing things that before were taken for granted. […]

Help Prevent a Stroke. Picture of an elderly Caucasian woman exercising with guidance from a young hispanic female physical therapist.

Help Prevent a Stroke

Dr. Cheryl Bushnell, a neurologist and director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health, states preventions are “not just for preventing stroke, but for preventing dementia as well. You can do the same things to prevent both.” These are five ways to start on prevention: If you smoke, quit. Smoking is one […]

Home Health After Hospital Stays. Picture of an elderly Caucasian female getting a check up from a young Caucasian female nurse or caregiver.

Home Health After Hospital Stays

We have long known that patients who receive home health after hospital discharge get better outcomes and spend $15,000 less in healthcare over the following year.1 That’s compared to people who were offered home health but turned it down. Now we know, that even after a short hospital stay – with patients who are presumably […]

Signs of a Stroke. Picture of a Caucasian healthcare provider with a Caucasian family.

Signs of a Stroke

A stroke can be a scary thing to experience. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke may assist in being able to take quick action and perhaps save a life. The signs of a stroke are: Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, usually on one side of the body. Sudden […]

Loss of Muscle Mass. Picture of a black elderly man raising his arm like he is making a muscle.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Loss of muscle mass is part of aging, but we can slow and even reverse it. Age-related muscle loss, also called sarcopenia, is a natural part of the aging process. Less muscle means there is more weakness and less mobility. Both of these factors can increase the risk of falls and fractures. Losing muscle mass […]

Health Benefits of Laughter, picture of and elderly caucasian male and a younger caucasian male talking and laughing together.

Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter has physiological effects on the body; it changes brain function and body chemistry.[1] Some examples of the changes are: Increases heart and respiratory rates as well as oxygen consumption. Increases stroke volume of the heart and dilates blood vessels. Lowers levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Laughter also has the following effects on specific […]

How to Talk with Someone with Alzheimers. Picture of a young Caucasian girl hugging elderly Caucasian woman

How to Talk with Someone with Alzheimers

Communication is hard for people with Alzheimer’s disease because they have trouble remembering things. They may struggle to find words or forget what they want to say. You may feel impatient and wish they could just say what they want, but they can’t. The person with Alzheimer’s may have problems with: Finding the right word or losing […]

Stroke Risk Factors, Picture of a group of caucasian people exercising with hula hoops with an instructor

Stroke Risk Factors

A stroke happens when there is a loss of blood flow to part of the brain. Then brain cells cannot get the oxygen and nutrients they need from blood, and they start to die within a few minutes. This can cause lasting brain damage, long-term disability, or even death. There are two types of strokes: […]

Is It Dangerous to Hold Your Urine, Picture of shadowed animated figures with legs crossed

Is It Dangerous to Hold Your Urine?

From long haul truckers to teachers, there are many instances when adults find themselves needing to resist the urge to urinate from time to time. While delaying nature’s call for an hour or two won’t pose any health threats, it’s possible to harm our bodies by holding urine for too long or by making a […]

Is Owning a Pet Good for Your Heart? picture of an elderly Caucasian female with her dog

Is Owning a Pet Good for Your Heart?

With cardiovascular disease (CVD) being the leading cause of death[1] in the United States, and obesity and physical inactivity being at epidemic proportions, there is a great need for novel strategies and interventions to reduce the risk of CVD. Accordingly, the benefits of pet ownership have received considerable attention from the Centers for Disease Control […]